Rates for World-Class Companionship

  • To enjoy life in the best way possible and to live it without any depression, frustration and loneliness, choose one of the Pune escorts services packages mentioned below that can better satisfy your needs and meet your requirements:

  • INR 15,000

    One session for 1 hour in INR 15,000.

  • INR 25,000

    Two sessions for 2 hours in INR 25,000.

  • INR 40,000

    Unlimited sessions for whole night full of adventure and love in INR 40,000.

  • Terms of Payment

    If you have any plan for outing with me, you need to bear all the expenses including transportation, lodging and food. If you have any customized plan, we will discuss it and you will be provided all the information regarding fee as I am glamorous and seducing Pune escorts.